BOMB קוסמטיקס

Founded in Great Britain in 1997 and sold in 75 countries around the world. A wide variety of bath bombs, candles, gift boxes, craft kits for children, etc Suitable components are natural and safe for children. The brand follows trends and trends around the world and its colors are spectacular!


A line of dressing and first aid products that includes thermometers, plasters, gauze pads, and other dressing options. Produced according to the highest standards and undergoes thorough quality tests to ensure reliability and efficiency in prolonged use.

PHARMA DENT – הגיינת הפה

The oral hygiene brand designed for people who want to maintain excellent oral health. All brand products are manufactured according to the strictest standards and combine the best materials in the world of oral care. We invest a lot in research and development to bring to the market advanced solutions that combine innovative technology with […]


100% vegan skincare series – all ingredients are from natural sources! 3 active components as key components: Hyaluronic acid – for smoothing expression lines, blurring the depth of wrinkles and providing intense moisture. Collagen from a natural source – increases the moisture in the skin. Ceramides from a source of rice – firming the epidermis […]


The brand was established in 1904 by two brothers, French pharmacists and became desirable among upper class women. The DIADERMINE brand is based on over 113 years of research and development experience. From the first beauty cream in the 1950s to today, the brand offers quality products that meet the strictest, allergy-friendly standards. Throughout the […]


The number 1 skincare brand in Poland! In 1989, after the fall of communism, the well-groomed women of Poland were left without an adequate solution to preserve their beauty. Zenon and Alexandra Zaia, a couple of pharmacists from the city of Gdańsk, enlisted in the mission: to brew and produce for the women of Poland […]


An Israeli brand that produces a line of products for the care of the body and mind, based on cannabis seed oil and other aromatic oils collected from nature – each oil from its country of origin. The company’s products are sold all over the world and are based on groundbreaking technology and research, providing […]


An exclusive international brand that specializes in perfumery, home and atmosphere products and body care. 5 scent families and 30% perfume essence that gives durability over time. Everything about the purity of the fragrance, quality and uniqueness. The uniqueness comes from niche scents and quality extracts. Among the products – perfumes, scent diffusers, perfumes, body […]


The leading brand for care in professional and home use in blue and white production. A line that includes 4 scented nail polish removers in various scents – apple, grape, lemon and zucca Fast gel nail polish remover with lavender scent Alcohol 70%, 96%, 100%


A brand of care and spa cases in a variety of styles and at attractive prices. Suitable for any age and any occasion.


A popular cosmetics brand from the UK. The brand offers quality products at accessible prices, it follows trends and trends in the world of care and offers an extensive line of products and series. The brand has a wide variety of products that include natural and organic materials and even vegan products. The products have […]


Blue and white skin care brand from the creator of Peptid Cosmetics. The brand has existed since 2019 and is a major player in the global skin care market of quality cosmetic products made in Israel. With the help of precise studies that combine the power of technology and the advantages of nature, unique and […]


Winning care products for skin and hair in blue and white production—all of Argenia’s excellent products are based on a combination of an ancient and unique tradition with innovative technology. There are several series including the castor series, argan, hyaluronic acid and keratin, etc. – all series are rich in oils and natural extracts for […]


Hair color brand – a kit with the formula of the three natural oils, guarantees a deep hair tone, softness, shine, silky touch and perfect hair coverage. The ceramic texture allows easy and efficient use. A unique complex of active ingredients: keratin, argan oil, olive oil, almond oil and green walnut extract – all these […]


Female hygiene brand with revolutionary protection! 100% cotton in the top layer both in the bottom protectors and in the bandages. 30% increased absorption in the center of the bandage compared to competing thin bandages.


Pharma Deal’s home product line. A series of pharm products in many categories and segments produced by the best manufacturers from all over the world to provide the highest quality at competitive prices. Among other things, you can find Sidkit products, care, toiletries, hair removal, shaving accessories and more. Also, this series has sub-series such […]


Dermo advanced cosmetics from France. Founded by Dr. Kriel, a Jewish dermatologist who sought to provide medical answers to women’s physical needs, a combination of medical cosmetics and proven clinical results, with scents and French style. Among the flagship products – Gal and Fitolstil serum – for preventing and blurring stretch marks, Body Slim kit […]

Parallel imports

The Pharma Deal company specializes in the parallel import of many global brands, including many products from Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive worldwide. The products pass all the standards and the Ministry of Health according to the regulations in the State of Israel and in fact are an alternative at fair prices to the […]

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