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Pharma Deal was founded in 2006 by Aharon Banyan and Eliyahu Frish and aims to be a ONE STOP-SHOP for all FMCG products (consumer and food products).
Today Pharma Deal is one of the leading companies in the field of import, marketing and distribution of consumer products, cosmetics, toiletries and para-medical products in Israel.

With over 5,000 SKUs, 150 international brands and a circle of approximately 3,000 clients ranging from private customers to the largest chains in Israel, Pharma Deal continues to grow each year, introducing additional brands and maintaining warm and personal service to each and every customer.

The company’s vision is to maintain its objectives for which it was established, which include reducing the cost of living and providing as broad a supply as possible of the consumer products basket that can be found in every home in Israel, and increasing and introducing new local and international brands.

In 2023, Pharma Deal moved to a 6,000 square meter logistics center which has increased the speed and range of service to many additional customers and a distribution network from Dan to Eilat.

Pharma Deal believes in human capital and takes pride in its hundreds of employees, most of whom have been with the company for many years and have numerous successes.

Import, marketing and distribution

Paramedical products

Import, marketing and distribution

cleaning products

Import, marketing and distribution

Cosmetics and care products

Import, marketing and distribution


leading brands

International brands
Private customers and large chains
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